Preliminary Tutorial - Setting Up a Flat Belt Conveyor

Image-Source: Eric Fimbinger

- CAD Data of the conveyor as described below
- ThreeParticle/CAE by Becker3D (
- BeltConverter and PartConverter from this website
- Information on the model parameters to represent the belt/systems behaviour

Belt CAD model

belt cad

Belt model meshed, saved as stl-file for conversion

belt meshed

Using BeltConverter


Parts CAD model

parts cad

Using PartConverter


Content of the converted belt data (inp-file)

belt inp

Content of the converted part data (inp-file)

parts inp

Material definition in ThreeParticle/CAE (name of the parts material as in the converted parts data file "cylmat")


Particle definition in ThreeParticle/CAE (name of the belt-particles as in the converted belt data file "belt_ptc_1" and "belt_ptc_2")

particles particle shape

Import the converted files (parts and belt - inp-files) in ThreeParticle/CAE

import keywords

Resulting Setup in ThreeParticle/CAE

DEM-Belt model

Resulting Detail of the bondings

bondings of the belt


Material Properties (parts, belt)
Interactions (belt-parts, belt-belt-bondings)
Motion of driven Drum
6DoF of Idlers (rollable around z-axis)
Additional Bulk Material if needed

For more details see also the corresponding publications (papers, presentations etc. as e.g. mentioned above)
or contact the developer Eric Fimbinger (